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Hey everyone, on today’s pod we have Trisha Poole of Design Poole Inc. in Winter Park, Florida. Trisha is a designer, focusing on hotels and resorts, and the president of the Network of Executive Women and Hospitality (NEWH). Here she offers perspective on understanding all aspects of the industry, staying inspired, and explains opportunities for students.

Coming from a long line of teachers, Trisha decided to get involved with NEWH. She jumped on board to mentor women and immerse herself in a learning environment. Working there gives her the opportunity to help others and get involved with assisting with scholarships. From the vice president of marketing, president of local Orlando chapter, now on the executive committee at the international level as president, she helps students become more involved with the hospitality industry.

Based in the college of architecture, at the University of Florida she was able to collaborate with more than only interior designers. She got to know others studying architecture and landscape design and has more knowledge of the entire industry. What brought her to hospitality was the opportunity to work on restaurants, rooms, the public spaces. Although, impacting people’s lives is the biggest reason why Trisha stayed in the industry.

She first worked and was trained by an architect then went on to moonlight for engineers, before starting Design Poole Inc. Learning how to communicate and function well with the other professionals in the industry has been extremely helpful in the long run. She strongly encourages internships for understanding how things work outside of school. Hands on experience made a complete difference for Trisha, rather than sitting in a classroom. Taking advantage of making connections and learning the industry is the best way to learn, in her opinion. Reach out to local chapters of NEWH to get involved and connected!

Reaching out to people, having a great cover letter and expressing your feelings and goals are the best ways to allow potential employers to get to know you. Designers are expressive and visual, with keen attention to details. Your resume and website speak volumes.

If you set no limitations, you allow yourself innovative, creative, and fresh ideas. Staying driven and inspired will carry you through your career, she says. Some of the ways she likes to stay inspired are finding a happy environment with other creative people, looking at everything in a positive way (as a creative challenge), and finding ways to relieve stress like creating a community and laughing together. Dream, and dream big!

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