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Today, Trish invites Lori Weitzner into The Student Lounge. Weitzner is a New York colorist whose design work includes jewelry and textiles as well as interiors.

Her School Experience

When a professor told her she couldn’t make it as a full-time painter. After taking that criticism very personally, Weitzner processed it and switched her major from fine arts to textile design, where she fell in love with color on and in fabrics. The boss at one of her internships even taught her to hand-paint directly onto silk, combining her first and final majors.

 How She Hires

Weitzner runs a small firm, so she plans to hire interns who are ready to be exposed to a broad range of what the interior design world has to offer. Every part of her team has to morph roles on the fly, so interns get a similar experience. And, because she intends her internships to be so educational, portfolios aren’t weighed as heavily as interest and background knowledge. Portfolios are evaluated for talent with the idea that students don’t have the wealth of experience that could perfect all the examples inside, so students who can show they’re a good fit for the team get second looks.

Ode to Color

Weitzner also has a book, Ode to Color: The Ten Essential Palettes for Living and Design that encourages readers to reconsider the colors they prefer to use in their work or at home because there may be practical, emotional considerations that need to be made for a space’s colors. If somebody needs to unwind at home, there’s a profile of “whisper colors” that make that easier, if somebody is understimulated during the day, there are “outloud colors” they can use. The book is synthesized in a free color quiz that asks questions about psychology and non-design tastes to decide which of the palettes would best suit a person’s living space.

For more information about Lori Weitzner, her designs and her book, visit www.loriweitzner.com/ where you can take the Ode to Color Quiz.

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