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This week, Trish talks to Randy Fiser, the CEO of the American Society of Interior Designers. He tells Trish about ASID’s recent accomplishments and goals, and what ASID can do for students.

Non-designer Design Advocate

Randy Fiser isn’t a designer by training. He studied a lot of business in school, but he found his career in working for non-profits that designed systems to help people like plans for businesses to work with new mothers they employ and developing school curriculum standards. But, as the CEO of ASID, Fiser advocates for interior designers and espouses the benefits of thoughtful interior design. He’ll tell people they spend 93 percent of their time inside, so shouldn’t all our spaces be designed with our wellness in mind?

Students in ASID

Students can join ASID for $85 for the entire time they’re students, which buys access to events, networking opportunities, and professional-grade resources. And outstanding students can even show themselves to be worth watching, and ASID is finding new ways to draw attention to those upcoming designers.

Find out more about ASID at ASID.org. And make sure to check out ASID’s student summit SCALE, March 1-3 in New York. Follow Randy Fiser and ASID on Twitter for design news and ASID event updates @ASID_CEO and @ASID.

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