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What is SCALE and Why Should Students Go with Dr. Angelita Scott

Today, in the Student Lounge, Trish talks to her teacher Dr. Angelita Scott, an interior design professor at Georgia Southern University and a scholar of research-based design.

Dr. Scott explains all about SCALE, ASID’s student summit. She shares her experience with past SCALEs and her tips for students who might be attending for the first time in 2019.


-SCALE runs March 1-3, but not all students can be there all weekend. If only one or two days work, the first day is most useful because that’s when the career fair is on.

– Buying tickets for a group of four or more people is cheaper than buying just one ticket, so it’s best to get a group of design students together first.

–  The SCALE website has its schedule posted to help students plan their weekend in advance.

For more information about SCALE and its goals, listen back to Trish’s conversation with the CEO of ASID, Randy Fiser.

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