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About Our Podcast

The Student Lounge is the definitive podcast for the next generation of budding interior designers. We’re entirely run by a national network of students just like you who needed answers to the big questions about interior design: what does it take to make it in this creative but competitive industry? And how can I jump-start my career?

Students can ask their own questions to be answered on the show and go above and beyond the vague advice of textbooks. We’ll do the hard work of finding the right designers, educators and students you need for inspiration.

We’re also supported by The Chaise Lounge, one of the most popular interior design podcasts in the world.

Don’t wait until graduation to get your career into gear! Click to subscribe, get your questions answered, and hear from students.

Your Show Host

Trish Semmoum

Show Host

Originally from Morocco, Trish moved to the states mid-way through her youth and has maintained a passion for all things cultural. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she discovered her true passion: design! Trish is currently pursuing her degree in Interior Design at Georgia Southern University, and when she’s not studying or working, Trish likes to travel and try new activities with her son. She’ll be spearheading the upcoming Student Lounge podcast, which will provide resources and wisdom to jump-start the careers of student interior designers. Stay tuned!


Lauren Schults


Lauren is from Dallas, Texas and an intern at The Student Lounge Podcast. She is a senior at the University of Denver studying Strategic Communications and Marketing, and her interests lie in art, design and media. In her free time, you can find her hiking or hanging out on the ski slopes.

Bryan Ralphs


At The Student Lounge Bryan is holding the reigns of audio editing, filming, and photography. Originally from Kansas City Bryan moved to Colorado for school, but has now called it home in recent years. Bryan’s background ranges for real estate marketing filming and editing house tours for multi-million dollar homes up and down the front range area and photographing weddings. In the winter you can find Bryan up in the mountains snowboarding, or in the summer at a Rockies game or on the search for the best taco shop in Denver.  

Jasmine Olivas


Jasmine was born in El Paso, Texas, but raised in Denver, Colorado. She has an Associates Degree in Interior Design from Arapahoe Community College and learns more about the world of interior design by writing Show Notes for The Chaise Lounge! Jasmine is also helping to launch The Student Lounge Podcast — coming soon — where she will spearhead social media marketing and outreach. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys live music, Italian food, and spending time with her family and two dogs.

Taylor Coleman


Taylor is a Denver native and recent graduate from the interior design program at Washington State University. She is hoping to sit for her NCIDQ and WELL AP exams within the next year. When not thinking about design, Taylor is an avid reader and photographer, and as new intern in The Lounge she is excited to see another side of the design world!


Nick May

As the host of The Chaise Lounge Podcast, Nick has built a network of over 200 interior designers, spoken at scores of the industry’s biggest markets, and marketed for top designers. Needless to say, he’s in the know in the interior design world. That’s why Nick helped launch The Student Lounge: to connect students with designers and educators and support the next generation of interior designers. With his personal network, Nick can get — well — pretty much anyone onto the podcast to answer your questions.

Our other SHOWS

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