S1 E4 – The Hospitable Josh Held

This week on the Student Lounge, Trish hosts Josh Held, vice president and entertainment director of Wimberly Interiors. Held graduated from Univeristy of Texas in 1995, and he’s been designing hotels, casinos, clubs, restaurants, theaters and more for more than 15 years. He shares some of his varied experience with Trish with a highlight on succeeding in hospitality.

S1 E3 – Trish’s Internship Experience

Today, on the Student Lounge, Trish’s guest is herself from the past. Some listeners have asked about her internship experience over the summer, and she talks all about it.

S1 E2 – Moore & Giles VP of Marketing Daryl Calfee

This week on the Student Lounge, Trish has a sponsor on the show. Daryl Calfee is the vice president of marketing at Moore & Giles. Moore & Giles is a leather company that works with designers to provide leather for projects ranging from individual pieces of furniture to the interiors of private jets.

Calfee explains the process of making leather, describes the different grades of leather designers need to know and answers questions about how the leather industry interacts with the environment. Visit MooreAndGiles.com to see the goods the company produces.

S1 E1 – The Art-first Creative Process with Kelly Dunn

Welcome back to the new season of The Student Lounge. This week, Trish talks to Kelly Dunn of Fathom Design Company. Dunn talks all about her design philosophy, the confrontational nature of creating, and breaking out of comfort zones.

Visit FathomDesignCompany.com to see the sort of projects Dunn does and follow Fathom on Instagram @fathomdesigncompany.

Bringing Projects to Life With Moss and Al Benner

Welcome back to the Student Lounge where Trish learns everything there is to know about installing live moss walls from Al Benner, president of Verdure Wellness Walls and Moss Acres. His companies create moss products for indoor and outdoor design including self-contained vertical carpets that are shipped dry and then are maintained by just adding water in what looks like a living garden fountain.

Phyllis Harbinger on the Basics of Feng Shui

n this week’s Student Lounge, Phyllis Harbinger to tell Trish about how she incorportates the milennia-old Chinese techniques of feng shui in her professional designs.

The Human Element of Interior Design with Sepi Monahemi

This week in the Student Lounge, Sepi Monahemi joins Trish to share her 10 years of design experience. Particularly, in this conversation, about how interior designers should work with their clients as people. They talk about how designers can protect themselves legally, how they need to show clients that they care and how to get inspired to design.

Scholarship Opportunities from IFDA’s Karen Dzendolet

Welcome back to the Student Lounge. This week, Trish returns to talk to Karen Dzendolet the principal of KDZ Designs and director of scholarships for the International Furnishings and Design Association Educational Foundation, meaning it’s her job to help students get funding to grow and progress in the interior design profession.

Challenging Your Students with Stephen Garrison

Welcome back to the Student Lounge. This week, Trish talks to Stephen Garrison, professor of interior architecture at Marywood University and president of University Hall of Innovation.

Youthful Antique-Lover London Walder

This week on The Student Lounge, Trish talks to Chicago-based designer London Walder who opened her own design firm in August 2016 to focus on residential design using antiques that a client already loves or that they might fall in love with during a project.

Last year, London Walder Interior Design opened a showroom that can stock antiques and even store them at the beginning of a project so they’re guaranteed to end up in the final version of a space.
To see Walder’s work, visit London Walder Interior Design’s website and follow the Instagram @londonwalderinteriordesign.