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Catherine Hersacher: Bespoke Fine Interiors

Welcome back! Today on The Student Lounge Trish speaks with Catherine Hersacher of Bespoke Fine Interiors in sunny South Carolina. It’s a real, raw, and brutally honest interview that dives into challenges of a career in interior design. This one is not to be missed.

Trish in Spain

On Episode 2 of The Student Lounge, Nick interviews Trish in Madrid, Spain, while the two bombed around the Iberian with the incredible Chaise Lounge sponsor Porcelanosa. Trish won herself a spot on the Porcelanosa tour through Spain that featured their sleek showroom. She calls the trip “the experience of a lifetime.”

Getting to Know The Team

Welcome to The Student Lounge! On our very first episode, Trish sits down with The Chaise Lounge founder Nick May to talk about why he co-founded this podcast and why it will be so useful for students. Spoiler alert: we want students to understand the industry and what it has to offer and also connect people with designers and brands.