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S1 E5 – Put Some Cork in It with Sonny Jelinek

The Student Lounge is going somewhere it’s never gone before: to the fascinating world of cork. Trish talks to Sonny Jelinek, the director of the 164-year-old Jelinek Cork Group, and asks about what makes cork special and what applications it has for design. Cork is a special kind of tree bark that, in addition to stopping wine bottles, can be applied to walls and floors and turned into furniture.

Check out the Jelinek Cork Group at Jelinek.com and specifically the showroom at Corkhouse.com.

S1 E2 – Moore & Giles VP of Marketing Daryl Calfee

This week on the Student Lounge, Trish has a sponsor on the show. Daryl Calfee is the vice president of marketing at Moore & Giles. Moore & Giles is a leather company that works with designers to provide leather for projects ranging from individual pieces of furniture to the interiors of private jets.

Calfee explains the process of making leather, describes the different grades of leather designers need to know and answers questions about how the leather industry interacts with the environment. Visit MooreAndGiles.com to see the goods the company produces.