New York

S1 E1 – Stacy Garcia and Branding

Welcome back to the Student Lounge. In the first episode of the new season, Trish hosts product designer and entrepreneur Stacy Garcia. Garcia is behind Stacy Garcia New York, Stay by Stacy Garcia, Stacy Garcia Commercial and Stacy Garcia Home. It’s obvious from her name coming attached to all her businesses that she knows what she’s doing. 

And she tells Trish all about how she got started and how she managed to do everything she does today.

Make sure to see what she has going on at and @stacygarciainc on Instagram

The Human Element of Interior Design with Sepi Monahemi

This week in the Student Lounge, Sepi Monahemi joins Trish to share her 10 years of design experience. Particularly, in this conversation, about how interior designers should work with their clients as people. They talk about how designers can protect themselves legally, how they need to show clients that they care and how to get inspired to design.

FIT Professor Phyllis Harbinger

Today we welcome Phyllis Harbinger, a professor at FIT and Principal designer at Design Concepts Interiors. A mentor as a professor and ASID member, Phyllis has all the advice from design strategies to presentation. Trish and Phyllis talk about the importance of hand drafting and drawing, using color, enhancing your portfolio, and ASID.